Ka’iwi Channel Association

Ka’iwi Channel Association

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* Rules are SIMPLE: swim from shore to shore. Start on land with no body of water behind you above the high tide mark and finish on land with no water beyond above the high tide mark. You may not start or end on a jetty, reef or offshore rocks.

* No Swim aids other than goggles and one swim cap.  No flotation devices or anything that provides propulsive assistance.

*You may not touch the boat, kayak or anything attached to the boat during your swim or swim leg.

*No supporting contact whatsoever with the swimmer shall be permitted by any person or object. There is to be no drafting. Drafting is defined as the carrying of a swimmer by the wake of the escort boat, craft of any type, towing, or drafting behind another swimmer.

*The official observer or race director shall be in sole charge of the timing of the Solo swim or Relay, and shall be responsible for the interpretation of the rules, including the right to cancel the swim in adverse conditions and/or danger to the swimmer or crew. Failure to follow the observer’s directions by any swimmer, paddler or other support crew members will result in disqualification.

*Every application for recognition of a swim must be accompanied by the official observer’s log (which includes the official Start/Finish time, any incidents with marine life, accidents, official time, water and weather conditions, methods of feeding, swimmer list and order, times of swimmer exchanges, and other pertinent details), completed forms. Additional evidence may be requested either by photo or video. KCA has observers onboard. Swimmers don’t need to provide swim log.

*For all Relay Swims (including the Ka’iwi Channel Race) all the above rules apply   plus:

*Relay swimmers must touch or tag each other in the water at Start/finish of EACH swim leg.

*Relay swimmers must keep the same order throughout the swim.

*For Double Channel Crossing: Follow all of the above and also:

*Step onto land after the first leg and move above the high water mark.

*Immediately return to water or, you may sit, stand or rest for up to 10 minutes MAXIMUM

*You may eat, drink, sunscreen, change, etc., while on land.

*The swimmer may not be touched.

These swims are rated by the following set of guidelines. *Gold* only is recognized for the Ocean Seven.

 Gold Swim is completed by the purest of the English Channel rules. This means starting from dry land with no intentional physical contact with boat or kayak or support crew.  One textile swimsuit in one or two pieces that does not extend past the knees or the shoulders is permitted with goggles and one swim cap only. Nose clips and earplugs are allowed.  Swimmers must exit the water under their own power, all the way out of the water on to dry land on the other side unassisted. No aids of any kind are permitted including any kind of Floatation or propulsion or heat-retaining or heat-providing devices or products allowed.  No Streamers or similar devices.  Pace swimmers are allowed. This is the type of swim is currently recognized by the Hawaiian Channel Swimming Association. Because of the precedent set in previous swims, SHARK-PROTECTION devices like THE Shark Shield that emit an electronic pulse to deter sharks are allowed. An observer report that is completely filled out by the observers and signed by swimmers and crew. GOLD SWIM RATING ONLY FOR THE OCEANS SEVEN.

Silver Swim. In the case of dangerous conditions, a water start is acceptable. The area just off shore of the Kalua Koi Resort is the only allowable place for a water start. See Map on Kaiwi channel Swim Website.  This category allows Lycra stinger suits and silicon masks.  This level recognizes your swim but puts an asterisk next to it and lists any deviations from the Gold Swim. This category addresses the needs of those who have a limited window of time to make the swim but the weather is not cooperating. The west side of Molokai can have huge and deadly surf!! It also allows swimmers with  jellyfish concerns to complete the swim. For relay swimmers – if you have a swimmer swim out of rotation or for a duration other than 1/2 hour (+ or – 5 mins.), it will be rated silver. The Observer Report must be completely filled out and signed by the observers, crew and swimmers.  Some organizations do not consider this a completed crossing [NOTE: THE HAWAII CHANNEL SWIMMING ASSOCIATION AND THE OCEANS SEVEN WILL NOT RECOGNIZE A SILVER SWIM. In terms of the Kaiwi Channel Association, it counts but is given a silver rating. Silver level swims will not be considered for overall speed record.

Bronze swims. Any of the attire listed in Gold and Silver swims plus any wetsuit, fins, and handpaddles are allowed, Shark Shields and jellyfish protection ARE allowed.  We realize there are many swimmers who like the technology and want to have fun using it. Your swim counts at THE KAIWI CHANNEL ASSOCIATION and is given a bronze rating. The Observer Report must be completely filled out and signed by the observers, crew and swimmers.

Relay swims as part of the Ka’iwi Channel Swim Race will get a RR (Race Rules) rating. Just like Gold above but for safety we will allow full body Lycra for jellyfish protection, more commonly known as a stinger suit. HOWEVER, no technical swimsuits with compression panels. NO rubber swimsuits or wetsuits are allowed.

If there are any objections or if a swimmers contests a swim rating, THE DECISION OF THE RACE DIRECTOR or Representative from the Ka’iwi Channel Association, WILL BE FINAL.




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