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SwimBig Challenge is a personal open water swimming challenge, created by Team Kohlmann.

The idea is that you set a goal of deep sea swimming in open water of 10, 20 or 30 km.

You choose the venue and the date (within the valid dates window), carry out your swim and report your result.

The swims validated by Team Kohlmann, are recognized by the World Open Water Swimming Association.


It is a personal challenge swimming in open water one of the 3 available distances: 10, 20 or 30 km.

The event is open to all swimmers, with a maximum capacity of 80 swimmers.

The swim must be done in a single session, in open water (not in a pool), in a single session between September 1 and October 3, 2021.

Each person chooses the place where they will swim and the exact date, which they must inform the organizer BEFORE doing it.

Evidence of the completion of the swim must be sent: photograph of the swimmer at the venue, photo of the watch and / or screenshot of the GPS application of the distance swum in order to validate it.

Preferably swim using the event cap.

The swims that are validated will be awarded a Diploma of Recognition from Team Kohlmann, in electronic format.

Optionally, each competitor can request through Team Kohlmann the homologation / certification of the swim by the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA), in which case they must cover the fee for certification rights that the WOWSA sets for this particular event and They will receive a Certificate from WOWSA in electronic format.

Registration must be done between May 24 and July 23 through the page: swimbigchallenge.com/inscriptions

Registration includes the following package:

  •    Swimming Cap
  •    Shirt
  •    Medal
  •    Team Kohlmann Diploma for those who complete the swim.

Shipping of the package in the National Territory of Mexico. The shipment outside the National Territory will be subject to quotation and shipping payment by the swimmer.

Optionally each swimmer can acquire the following:

WOWSA certification for those who have completed the swim and have requested the certification, by paying the corresponding fees (in USD).

Event commemorative sweatshirt.

Restube buoy.

Other items available

The swimming regulations and unforeseen events will be defined by the Organizing Committee.



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