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A new Channel Crossing from Denmark to Sweden

The new swim and governing association takes you across the beautiful strait ‘Öresund’, which connects Denmark and Sweden. The swim starts at Bellevue Beach (DK) and finishes at Lundåkrabukten (SV). The distance is 20 km (10.8 nautical miles).

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Website: https://swimoresund.com/


The Öresund is an iconic international waterway, and has had great strategic importance and influence on Northern European history throughout the ages. The narrow strait connects the world’s largest inland sea, the Baltic Sea, with the Kattegat. More than 45,000 merchant ships sail through Öresund every year. To this must be added the many fishing cutters, recreational sailors, speedboats and other vessels. This makes Öresund extremely busy.

Despite the heavy shipping traffic, Öresund has a particularly healthy and diverse marine life. There are, among other things, bluefin tuna, porpoises, harbor seals and gray seals.

The currents in the Öresund can be fickle, mischievous and strong at times. This happens because of the enormous water flow, which either has a northbound direction from the Baltic Sea to the Kattegat or southbound from the Kattegat to the Baltic Sea. The tidal differences are small in the region (less than 20 cm), but the tide has a visible effect on the current strength in the Öresund. The sea temperature in Öresund can vary between 0 C° (32 F°) in winter and 22 C° (71.6 F°) in summer. The warmest months are in July and August, when you can expect an average sea temperature of 18 C° (64.4 F°). In the colder years, the temperature has been down to about 15 C° (59 F°).


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