Live Webcast of the Traversée Internationale Du Lac St-Jean

Live Webcast of the Traversée Internationale Du Lac St-Jean

The 25 athletes in the 32 km Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean in Roberval, Québec can be seen live tomorrow on the Internet here.

The webcast across lac St-Jean will begin at 7:30 am local time (New York time) and the actual 32 km crossing will begin at 8 am with the athletes listed below. Pre-race favorites Alexander Studzinski, Damian Blaum will be pushed hard by Edoardo Stochino and Xavier Desharnais under what is expected to be great (sunny and warm) conditions. However, the water temperature has fluctuated between 13ºC (55ºF)) and 19ºC (66ºF) this past week.

So you never quick now especially since the surface water temperature can rapidly change (i.e., fall) by 5ºC or more within 15 minutes.

On the women’s side, pre-race favorites and veterans Pilar Geijo and rival Esther Nunez Morera will be challenged by the young Russian Olga Kozydub

The athletes who can be seen live at HERE are as follows:

1. Benjamin Konschak (Germany)
2. Simon Pistor (Germany)
3. Alexander Studzinski (Germany)
4. Damian Blaum (Argentina)
5. Fernando Ciaramella (Argentina)
6. Rita Vanessa Garcia (Argentina)
7. Pilar Geijo (Argentina)
8. Noelia Petti (Argentina)
9. Samir Barel (Brazil)
10. Mariana Mello (Brazil)
11. Tiago Sato (Brazil)
12. Tsvetan Yordanov (Bulgaria)
13. Esther Nunez Morera (Spain)
14. Lexie Kelly (USA)
15. Mallory Mead (USA)
16. Joanes Hedel (France)
17. Edoardo Stochino (Italy)
18. Evgenij Pop Acev (Macedonia)
19. Tomi Stefanovski (Macedonia)
20. Hugo Ribeiro (Portugal)
21. Olga Kozydub (Russia)
22. Xavier Desharnais (Canada)
23. Aimeson King (Canada)
24. Sabryna Lavoie (Canada)
25. Léonie Pamerleau (Canada)

The Traversee organisation committee especially works hard to continue developing the sport through different initiatives including the hosting of the Rio Tinto Alcan Youth Marathon that is also broadcast live on the Internet today at 1:00 pm local (New York time).

Upper photo shows Italian Edoardo Stochino. Lower photo shows Damian Blaum of Argentina.

Official results of the between 1955-2012 are found in this document:
Steven Munatones