Liz Fry, A Role Model Extraordinaire

Liz Fry, A Role Model Extraordinaire

Photo courtesy of April Dominguez.

Race founder Kent Nicholas recalls a story about Elizabeth Fry at the recent 4-day 41.7 miles (66.9 km) S.C.A.R. stage swim that not only epitomizes the sense of community that open water swimmers have, but more specifically the kind of person who Fry is.

Open water swimmers who get it understand that swims do not end at the finish line. Liz epitomizes open water swimming at its finest.”

Nicholas recalls that even after Fry swam double the distance of her fellow competitors on Day One across Saguaro Lake and on Day Two across Canyon Lake, she spent time helping the crew load kayaks for the next day. While everyone was going about their business, Fry kept loading kayaks. Soreness? Fatigue? Hunger? It did not matter, Fry kept on lending a hand – over and over again.

We had 45 kayaks. Liz [who is a race director herself] knows a swim isn’t finished even after touching the finish. She is someone to admire on and off the water.”

That she is. 36 hours 55 minutes to swim 83.4 miles (123.8 km) and she was still helping volunteers.

Photo shows Liz Fry swimming with her sister Peggy Gaskill escorting for her.

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