Liz Schlicher Tops Women's Solos, Relays In The Clean Half

Liz Schlicher Tops Women’s Solos, Relays In The Clean Half

Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance hosted the 6th consecutive successful Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim in Hong Kong this weekend.

We enjoyed great conditions and was our most competitive race yet,” the California native explained. “The normally beautiful October weather in Hong Kong did not fail to delight, giving 260 swimmers excellent conditions to handle a number of different swimming challenges along the 15 km course from Stanley to Deepwater Bay.”

Among the solo swimmers among the 51 five-person teams was Liz Schlicher who won the solo Clean Half this year in a time of 3 hours 38 minutes. She is also the winner of the 2010 Maui Channel Crossing. “This was an amazing course, and much more incredible scenery than I ever expected in Hong Kong. With the warm water, this is definitely a great race to attend,” said the 30-year-old Schlicher who had the 8th fastest time among the relays. So impressive was the New Jersey native that she beat not only all the solo men, but also all the women’s relays.

Other solo swimmers came from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Hong Kong. Sam Carroll from Australia who placed third overall said, “I am definitely coming back next year. It was such a surprise to see the musicians along the course in a few different places, and giving great inspiration along the way, particularly after the first upwind leg.”

Top Soloists in The Clean Half
1. Liz Schlicher 3.38.45
2. Andy Tebbutt 3.59.11
3. Diego Lopez 4.12.21
4. Sam Carroll 4.23.14
5. Richard Hall 4.31.34
6. Olivier Baillet 4.42.40
7. Fiona Gardner 4.55.23
8. Chris Riggs 6.04.00
9. Tejas Shankaran 7.30.00

Additional photos are here and here. The Clean Half race program and interviews of Doug Woodring are here.

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