Locke And Chambers Duo Finishes Three

Locke And Chambers Duo Finishes Three

We did it!,” Facebooked Kimberly Chambers.

Joseph Locke and I completed our Strait of Gibraltar swim in 4 hours 39 minutes. [It was] a magical swim from Europe to Africa with one very special person. [I am] very proud to be the first New Zealand woman to complete this swim.

There were perfect conditions for the first couple of hours. It was like a calm lake as we left Tarifa just before dawn. The winds picked up towards the latter half.

Our progress slowed because I started feeling the effects of my badly sprained left ankle. It was a combination of being on crutches until just a week ago and jet lag. Joe as always, was unaffected by such a human affliction and patiently swam alongside me. Dolphins paid us a brief visit and we swam through jellyfish stew for most of the swim. Then just before noon local time, a swell pushed us into a rock wall, where we touched Africa together

Rafael Gutiérrez Mesa and his crew were spectacular in their attention to detail. I can’t speak of them highly enough. I felt incredibly safe and well-attended to out there. I’m truly grateful. Because as you know, essentially with any of these swims, you’re only as good as your crew. They had their A-game out there yesterday for us and that’s a large part of why we finished.”

Photo by Hawkins Biggins shows Joseph Locke welcoming Kimberly Chambers at the end of her Molokai Channel swim in Hawaii. Both Locke and Chambers have now both completed 3 of the Oceans Sevens channels.

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