LoneSwimmer Has Company And Lots Of It

LoneSwimmer Has Company And Lots Of It

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In a country where many other land-based, ball-centric sports dominate the mindset of the general public and the news content, the LoneSwimmer.com blog of Donal Buckley stands alone.

After winning the inaugural 2012 Irish Blog Awards for Best Sport and Recreation award, Buckley has been honored again as the 2014 Best Sport and Recreation blog in Ireland – not an easy achievement for a minor sport in a country obsessed with team competitions and football.

Buckley, who is an ice swimmer as well as a channel swimmer, admits, “Having to keep coming up with original content on a single subject is a continuing huge challenge, and it surprises me more than anyone that I’ve managed it so far. There have been many occasions where I’ve realized that I have nothing left to say and no ideas… only to go for a swim and discover either something new or another way to tackle a previous subject.”

For more information on the popular open water swimming blog, visit LoneSwimmer.com.

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