Long, Hard Double Century Workouts Begin Around The World

Long, Hard Double Century Workouts Begin Around The World

Australian Hall of Famers Chloë McCardel, Shelley Taylor-Smith, Tamara Bruce, Melissa Cunningham, Susie Maroney, OAM, Linda McGill, MBE, and Penny Palfrey set the standards for hard long-distance training Down Under over the last 40 years…and the Mexicans, Irish, Spaniards, and Californians are picking up where they left off.

Ned Denison and his training group in Cork, Ireland do sets of either 200×100’s or 250×100’s at a non-stop 1:40 pace per 100 while Antonio Argüelles and his group under the guidance of coach Rafa Álvarez divide their 200×100’s in different sets at their high altitude (2,240 meters or 7,349 feet) pool at the Club Alemán de México in Mexico City on November 10th:

  • 200×100’s are divided into 2 sets of 100×100’s with a 5-minute break between the sets.
  • The 100×100’s are divided into 10 sets of 10×100’s with a 2-minute break between sets.
  • The interval is 2 minutes per 100 meters.

While 100×100 sets used to be the standard for distance freestylers and marathon swimmers, it now appears the global open water swimming community is upping the ante to Double Century pool workout – or 20,000m and beyond.

At 2,240 meters in altitude in Mexico City, that is a mentally and physically tough workout.

Coach Rafa Álvarez set description in 2021
50m pool at the German Club in Mexico City
Hydration and feeding
Antonio Argüelles asking What’s Next?
Jaime Lomelin and Nora Toledano
Olympian Patty Kohlmann
Ximena Argüelles
Jaime Lomelin and Nora Toledano
Coach Rafa Álvarez and ringleader Antonio Argüelles
14 swimmers completed the entire 20,000m high-altitude workout, 3 finished 15,000 meters, 3 finished 10,000 meters in Mexico City

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