The Longest Swim Show - Ben Lecomte Across The Pacific

The Longest Swim Show – Ben Lecomte Across The Pacific

Gurtej Singh Bains, one of the managers of The Longest Swim talks about Ben Lecomte‘s stage swim across the Pacific Ocean.

Not only is Ben‘s 5,419-mile, 6-month swim from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, California a physical and mental feat of unfathomable proportions, but he will perform the swim so fans can watch him do so day after day after day. People will be able to see in real-time what Ben sees and experiences throughout the vast stretches of the Pacific Ocean. What does the ocean look like 500K, 1000K, 3000K from shore? How big are the ocean swells? How calm does the Pacific get? What kind of marine life will Ben encounter? Is there large areas of swirling trash in the middle of the ocean?

Find out when Ben and his team bring The Longest Swim live to smart phones, iPads and computers around the world 24-7.

The way we will use the technology will be unique,” explains Gurtej. “To sustain the live feeds and equipment in the harsh conditions and continue to work is a challenge. Camera shots under the water, beamed from a tiny camera on Ben’s head running 7-8 hours per day and from different angles on the boat, broadcast in real-time to over 140 countries is what we are preparing for.”

A crew of five support personal on a 65-foot catamaran will be producing this low-definition feed over the anticipated six-month adventure on the high seas on a multi-million dollar budget.

The live video feed will provide information on his heart beat, his current position (longitude and latitude), how much distance he has covered and how much distance left as well as the weather conditions,” continued Gurtej who was initially drawn to the charismatic Frenchman who made his dream come true of swimming across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998. “Children are fascinated by the ocean. They want to know what kind of sharks are in the area. They want to know the depth of the ocean where Ben will be swimming. They want to know about the marine environment where Ben will be for half a year, swimming daily. This is why the live feed is critical to getting the word out.”

During Ben’s 1998 swim across the Atlantic Ocean, he raised US$150,000, but he senses much more money can be raised with a more interactive swim across the Pacific. “We will enable donations via cell phones. Ben will modify technology to make his swim more accessible to people around the world. He will take calls and be able to watch movies while he swims. The waterproofed blood pressure monitoring equipment will be wireless, utilizing Bluetooth in ways that have never been done before.”

With a start date of April 14th, Ben’s adventure will be an engaging daily matinee for inquisitive children and endurance sports fans and fanatics.

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Steven Munatones