Los Cabos Open Water, The Acuarium Swim

Los Cabos Open Water, The Acuarium Swim

Los Cabos Open Water, The Acuarium Swim

Courtesy of Diego Rivas, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico.

Diego Rivas is the founder of Mexico’s beautiful Los Cabos Open Water Swim (Acuarium Swim). The annual 2 km, 7 km and 14 km swims in the Pacific Ocean were temporarily suspended due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But these unprecedented times did not stop Rivas. Like his fellow marathon swimmer Dave Barra from New York Open Water often says, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

So Rivas added a new course of 32 km distance from Puerto Los Cabos to Playa el Médano (Medano Beach) in Cabo San Lucas.

The 32 km coastal swim course is now open for attempts between November and May. Rivas says, “We have 6 attempts and 10 reservations scheduled until May 2021. These swimmers have done the swim or are planning an attempt.

* Mariel Hawley Dávila in 10 hours 14 minutes 42 seconds on October 19th 2019
* Izebel Sierra Arenas in 10 hours 19 minutes 20 seconds on November 11th 2019
* Ned Denison in 10 hours 10 minutes 22 seconds on March 19th 2020
* Jaime Lomelín Gavaldón in 10 hours 36 minutes 13 seconds on November 22nd 2020
* Pamela Gamboa Becerra in 11 hours 33 minutes 6 seconds on November 22nd 2020
* Mariana Salamanca Bautista DNF due to shoulder injury on November 22nd 2020
* Sofía Cardenas scheduled for December 21st 2020
* Cynthia Aguilar scheduled for March 6th 2021
* Mark Smitherman scheduled for March 15th 2021
* Antonio Argüelles scheduled for April 4th 2021
* Rodolfo Pozas scheduled for May 2nd 2021
* Jaime Lomelín Gavaldón scheduled for May 2nd 2021
* Mariana Salamanca Bautista scheduled for May 2nd 2021
* Lorena Martinez scheduled for May 2nd 2021
* Diego Rivas scheduled for May 2nd 2021

The first swimmer to complete the swim was Oceans Seven swimmer Mariel Hawley in October 2019. She described the Los Cabo Open Water Acuarium as, “A magical and full of life ocean that makes this swim so much more than just a swimming experience.

When I finished Oceans Seven in March 2019, I didn’t know if I was ready to continue swimming. At that moment, I only wanted to celebrate and share my experience. A few months later, it became clear that swimming is a very important part of my life that makes me very happy. I decided I was going to continue swimming and wanted to do a swim in Mexico, my country. A new swim that would inspire Mexicans and swimmers from all around the world to come and do it. Diego Rivas contacted me and invited me to do the Acuarium Swim and when he told me about it, I immediately said yes.

Acuarium, because of Jacques Cousteau who referred to the Mar de Cortés as the aquarium of the world, a 32 km swim from San José to Cabo San Lucas.

On October 19th at 3:30 am, we met at the starting point, where I offered a special desert flower to the sea as a ritual of gratitude; also, at that moment I shared my feelings with my team thanking everyone for being with me in this special swim, having done this I started the swim through the beautiful and magical waters of Mar the Cortés at 3:48 am.

The first few hours I swam enjoying the stars in the sky and the fluorescent waters; at dawn I was thinking how fortunate I was to be there and at that moment the Pacific Ocean tide hit me…it was like a wall in the middle of the ocean, my strokes took me nowhere, I struggled to keep going and for the next two hours I really had to push very hard to make any advance until I reached the most beautiful ocean garden waiting for me, thousands of colorful fish tagged along with me until I reached Punta Ballenas, last point before San Lucas Bay.

Just passing Punta Ballenas, one can see the great arch of San Lucas, such a beautiful and emblematic view. I reached the San Lucas Bay, and at that point I thought I was almost at the the finishing point, but there were about 2-3 miles still to go. I kept swimming and enjoying the majestic San Lucas Arch until I was instructed to swim towards the beach to the finishing point.

October 19th is a special day for my children and I, Cancer Awareness Day and my deceased husband’s birthday. Swimming Acuarium was such a beautiful way to celebrate his life, to create awareness for Breast Cancer and to inspire many people struggling against cancer to keep going. A few more strokes and I reached the shore at 2:02 pm and stood up full of joy from such a beautiful swim that took me 10 hours 14 minutes.

I’m sure that other open water swimmers will enjoy the Acuarium Swim not only for its beauty, but also for the challenge it represents

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