Lots Of Loch In Scotland With Vigour Events

Lots Of Loch In Scotland With Vigour Events

Robert Hamilton of Glasgow, Scotland has over 22 years of experience in the sports management industry as well as teaching swimming programmes and coaching at the Olympic level.

Hamilton is also an open water coach with an overflowing interest in developing open water swimming in Scotland. His aim is to have a full Scottish series of events and to attract as many new faces to the sport as possible through Vigour Events.

Luss at Loch Lomond on July 6th: 1 km, 2 km and 5 km, part of the Highland Games

Loch Venechar on July 27th: 1 km and 2 km

Bardowie Loch on August 4th: 1 km, 2 km and 5 km

Loch Eck on August 31st: 1 km, 2 km, 5 km and 10 km marathon swim

Loch Ard on September 7th: 2 km and 5 km

For more details of the Vigour Events during the 2013 season, visit here.

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