Luci Can Help Across The Tsugaru Channel

Luci Can Help Across The Tsugaru Channel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

With the Tsugaru Channel swimming season ready to kick-off with Triple Crown swimmer Brad McVetta‘s attempt this coming week, there is always a need to keep channel swimmers illuminated during the dark and nighttime hours.

The long-established channel associations (e.g., Channel Swimming Association, Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation, Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, Asociacion de cruce a nado del Estrecho de Gibraltar, Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association) have already approved use of various kinds of glow sticks that can be attached to swimsuits and flashing electronic or disc lights that can be attached to goggle straps.

The Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association just approved use of the Luci LED solar lanterns that can float for use by channel swimmers in the Tsugaru Channel.

Manufactured by MPOWERD and at 113 grams, the lightweight, waterproof Luci can be used by kayakers and paddlers or dragged along by the swimmer, especially towards the end of the swim when it is dark and the swimmer must crawl up a rocky ledge, manage a rocky coast, or navigate between fishing nets, reefs, and outcroppings.

Drag it along and be safe(r).

A floating Luci can help illuminate the way so cuts and bruises can possibly be avoided at the very end of a channel swim, especially on the coastline of Hokkaido where rocks, nets and rough water stand ready to greet the tired swimmers. Nearly all of the Tsugaru Channel swimmers begin just before day break in the dark and end after sunset where there is either low visibility or none at all without artificial illumination.

It is highly visible at night, especially out in a dark sea, lake, or ocean. It also folds up nicely and compactly in a swim bag before a channel attempt. Even if it is submerged by a large wave or wake of a boat, it can be sink up to 1 meter in water and still function. Without a doubt, it is one incredibly useful piece of new equipment that these swimmers attempting the Tsugaru Channel in the 2013 season can easily use:

July 1st and 2nd: Brad McVetta (USA)
July 13th and 14th: Team Ocean-navi #1 (Japan)
July 15th and 16th: Team Ocean-navi #2 (Japan)
July 30th and 31st: Team Umiou (Japan)
August 1st and 2nd: Team Hachinohe (Japan)
August 12th and 13th: Adam Walker (UK)
August 14th and 15th: Yesenia Cabrera (Guatemala)
August 23th and 24th: Team Matsukawa (Japan)
August 30th and 31st: Miquel Suñer Comalat (Spain)
September 10th and 11th: Chris Kraus, Rick Gaenzle and Brian Ross relay (USA)
September 12th and 13th: Mo Siegel (USA)
September 24th and 25th: Santosh Patil (India)

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