Luciano Cotena Launches the First Traversata del Canale di Procida Open Water Swimming Race

Luciano Cotena Launches the First Traversata del Canale di Procida Open Water Swimming Race

The inaugural edition of the Traversata del Canale di Procida (Monte di Procida-Procida-Monte di Procida) open water swimming race made its mark on Friday, June 2nd. The event was held in the waters off Acquamorta Beach located in the Gulf of Naples, specifically in the area of Monte di Procida and Procida. Monte di Procida is a municipality in the Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania, Italy. Procida is a neighboring island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, also part of the Metropolitan City of Naples.

Marco Inglima, a promising 25-year-old swimmer from Palermo, dominated the race from start to finish, conquering the challenging 6.4 km course in an impressive time of 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 50 seconds.. Inglima was followed by Antonio Mesite (first overall among the masters) and Andrea Cerqua (first in the junior category), who finished the race in 1:19:04 and 1:22:01 respectively. “I am satisfied with the race,” said the winner at the end of the event. “The sea was good and my form was excellent. Now I’m looking ahead to future goals, including another race in Campania, the Capri-Napoli on September 9th.”

Daniela Calvino finished first with a time of 1:30:44 in the women’s category. There were about a hundred participants in the first edition of the race, including both swimmers completing the full crossing and those competing in the “reduced” Mile event.

The race director, Luciano Cotena, brings both expertise and passion to the event, drawing inspiration from the rich history of open water swimming in the Gulf of Naples. Cotena’s commitment to the sport stems from the legacy of Giulio Travaglio, a celebrated champion who honed his skills in the ’60s and ’70s while preparing for the renowned Capri-Napoli races.

Cotena’s vision extends beyond this successful inaugural edition, as he aspires to establish an open water circuit in the Gulf of Naples, a concept envisioned by Travaglio himself. The overwhelming participation and support received during the first edition of the Monte di Procida-Procida-Monte di Procida race lay the foundation for future growth and promise.

Photo credits: Capri-Napoli Marathon Facebook