Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer is a year-round phenomenon, maintaining his successful medical practice, writing books, organizing events like Lucky’s Lake Swim, the Aquatica 1K Swim, and other special events throughout the year. He also rewards swimmers who train in his 1 km course in Lake Cane that abuts his estate in Orlando, Florida.

He is oft-quoted ringleader and inspiration who motivates people to maintain their fitness and peace of mind by swimming and humor. He has a number of Luckyisms that he has come up with since opening up his morning lake swims to others in 1989:

Under the water, only the fish can hear you scream.

Do you dare? Enter the food chain.

We provide all alligators for free.

To be ducked

* a term that means to be attacked by a avian predator in Orlando’s Lake Cane while doing an open water swim. The ducks can be pesky raptors that continues to fly around and hover an open water swimmer.

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Steven Munatones