Ludivine Blanc Wins Her Second IISA World Championship Title in the 100 Freestyle

Ludivine Blanc Wins Her Second IISA World Championship Title in the 100 Freestyle

Ludivane Blanc won the closest race yet at the IISA 5th World Championship in Samoëns, France with 1:04.42 time over defending champion Alisa Fatum in 1:04.47 in the 100m freestyle final.

Both women dipped under the existing world record set by Fatum at the IISA 4th World Championships in 1:05.41 in 2022 in Głogów, Poland. It was Blanc’s second victory and second world record at the IISA Championships.

IISA board member Kate Steels reported, “The competition and venue are amazing. It is our largest world championships so far. There are lots of new fast swimmers making it so competitive with lots of new records. It is soo good to be be able to meet everyone and race after the pandemic.

100m Freestyle – Female Top 10 Results

  1. Ludivane Blanc (France) 1:04.42
  2. Alisa Fatum (Germany) 1:04.47
  3. Laura Nesbitt (Great Britain) 1:07.76
  4. Ezmee Jones (USA) 1:08.56
  5. Caroline Saxon (Great Britain) 1:08.71
  6. Michelle Lane (Great Britain) 1:09.49
  7. Maja Olszewska (Iceland) 1:09.49
  8. Samantha Whelpton (South Africa) 1:09.66
  9. Constance Ducreux (France) 1:09.97
  10. Katie Irving (Great Britain) 1:12.75

She won the 100m freestyle at the IISA 4th World Championships in 1:05.41 on 6 February 2022 in Głogów, Poland at the age of 27, setting a IISA World Championship and world record.

50m Backstroke Series – Male Top 10 Results

  1. Keaton Jones (USA) 27.93
  2. Virgil Deage (France) 28.89
  3. Filip Kolodziejski (Poland) 29.50
  4. Michal Tomaszowski (Poland) 30.37
  5. Christoph Karow (Germany) 31.24
  6. Karim Jenhani (England) 31.32
  7. Kilian Graef (Germany) 31.83
  8. Wilhelm Gromisz (Poland) 31.86
  9. Henry Iykke Stokholm (Denmark) 32.12
  10. Kornellusz Zapert (Poland) 32.32

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