Luke Richards Completes The Australian Triple Crown

Luke Richards Completes The Australian Triple Crown

Courtesy of Christopher Guesdon, Tasmania, Australia.

The Australian Triple Crown is a three-part solo marathon swim series that includes three solo, non-assisted completions of the 25 km Port to Pub Ultra Marathon from Fremantle to Rottnest Island in Western Australia, the 34 km The Big Swim – Derwent River Marathon in Tasmania, and the 27 km Palm Beach to Shelley Beach Marathon Swim in New South Wales.

Australian Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming co-creator Christopher Guesdon announced, “Ross Youngman and Luke Richards both completed their third swim of the challenge at the April 17th Palm Beach to Shelley Beach event.”

Luke Richards

Richards wrote, “I did not do this alone to every swim. I have had a crew to support me. Today it was Craig Turton and Samuel Goodwin-Dorning as well as our kayakers Micheal and Tanya. [Thanks] to Matt Atkin and Paydon, the family whose businesses made these swims possible. Finally, my family. My beautiful wife who backs me 100%, my boys whose love fuels me. My parents and parents-in-law.”

Since Christopher Guesdon and Sue Guesdon re-launched the Australian Triple Crown on February 4th 2020, Youngman and Richards join their colleagues who have been crowned previously:

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