Lura Wilhelm's Swimming Artwork

Lura Wilhelm’s Swimming Artwork

Lura Wilhelm  of Redding, California won the SCAR Swim buckle after swimming 17 hours 54 minutes over four days at the 2022 SCAR Swim

Wilhelm is an artist and an art teacher from Redding, California who has created numerous swimming pieces that can be purchased on

She explains her artwork, “I am a swimmer and love the feeling it surround me. In my free time, I swim at a local lake and well sell works to raise money for charity. At the end of each month, I give 25% of my profit to a charity.

The print above shows swimmers floating in a dark sea looking up a the sky. I am an open water swimmer and often look up at the sky as I swim. You can typically see birds and clouds floating above as I float underneath.”

To see more of her work, visit here.

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