Lynn Sherr On Why We Love The Water

Lynn Sherr On Why We Love The Water

Award-winning journalist, author and former national television broadcast correspondent Lynn Sherr explores the culture, history, challenges, and pleasures of swimming in a fabulously illustrated book, SWIM: Why We Love the Water.

Her latest book will be released in the United States on April 3rd and formally presented at the inaugural International Aquatic History Symposium and Film Festival at the International Swimming Hall of Fame on May 9th – 12th. “We are truly excited to have Lynn back in Fort Lauderdale to present her newest book,” said Bruce Wigo, ISHOF President and CEO. “She is not only a great historian and journalist, but is passionate about swimming and that comes through in her entertaining, informative and inspiring book. It is a must read not only for swimming enthusiasts, but for everyone.”

The book’s Facebook page describes Lynn‘s favorite recreational activity as “…Swimming is magical, a bold excursion into an alien element that both exhilarates the spirit and calms the soul. To enter the water — whether the blue box of a pool or the untamed currents of the sea — is to see the world through a shimmering film.

SWIM: Why We Love the Water celebrates every aspect of this ancient activity which has captivated swimmers from Julius Caesar to Michael Phelps, from Neptune to Nemoto the artistry of Esther Williams. With frequent excursions into its more amusing and eccentric aspects, Sherr reveals the history of the strokes and the secret of buoyancy; the romance of swimming in love and war; and how swimming has evolved into America’s third most popular sports activity.

She also recounts the daring, personal challenge she took on: swimming the wild waters of the Hellespont — the iconic strait separating Europe from Asia — made famous by the Greek myth of Hero and Leander and elevated to an athletic milestone by Lord Byron in 1810. Could she, too, swim the Hellespont?

Sherr weaves her adventurous tale throughout, in this first new book to juxtapose swimming’s legendary roots with the cutting-edge science propelling modern Olympians across the pool; to inquire into the effect it has on our lives and why we do it; to examine how swimming is becoming more social than solitary today; and to analyze mounting medical evidence that the fountain of youth may well be filled with chlorinated water.

From bloomers to bikinis to the saucy songs that salute it, SWIM: Why We Love the Water is a paean to all things aquatic.

Can’t wait to read it.

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Steven Munatones