Lynne Cox Shares Her Passion At Swim Camp Catalina III

Lynne Cox Shares Her Passion At Swim Camp Catalina III

Swim Camp Catalina 2016 video courtesy of Al Jaurique. Content courtesy of Scott Zornig on Santa Catalina Island, California. Swim Camp Catalina was envisioned and co-founded by Scott Zornig and Jamie Patrick and is co-hosted with Lynn Kubasek. Its third edition was recently held on November 10th-13th with an unexpected guest star and special gift.

Swim Camp Catalina is held each year at Two Harbors – with a population of 298 – at a remote village on the northeast end of Santa Catalina Island. The camp has grown steadily from 42 swimmers in 2014 to 54 individuals in 2015 and 67 swimmers this year. The non-profit camp is sponsored by Hammer Nutrition and UVO Sun Protection,” describes Zornig.

The conditions were amazing with 78°F (25°C) days and 65°F (18°C) clear water with high visibility. Campers were escorted to and from Catalina on the Great Escape out of San Pedro, California. Since the camp has grown so large, participants reside at both the employee cabins which are vacant during the winter months or a few hundreds of meters away at the Banning House Lodge.

The camp included several ocean swims along the Catalina coastline, fun costume relays, yoga led by Asha Allen, a boat excursion to Doctor’s Cove, hiking, and evening socials with dinner

Attendees* were pleasantly surprised during Saturday’s dinner with a specially scheduled appearance from Lynne Cox. Cox graciously signed copies of her latest book, Swimming in the Sink, for every camper.**

Zornig observed, “Sneaking Lynne into Two Harbors without being detected by 67 swimmers who know her well is about as easy as Swimming to Antarctica. We were able to pull off the secret appearance by having Lynne wear a hooded sweatshirt and dark glasses and hiding her in a room until the evening dinner.”

Swim Camp Catalina IV is planned for November 9th to 12th 2017.

Photo of left shows boat excursion to Doctor’s Cove

Yoga on the beach led by Asha Allen

Lauren Anderson with Lynne Cox

Janet Manning, Lynn Kubasek and Asha Allen jumping for joy

Group photo on Santa Catalina Island, 20.2 miles away from the Southern California mainland

Sunset over Santa Catalina Island

* Participants included Leslie Absher, Asha Allen, Barbara Alvstad, Lauren Anderson, Susanne Baab-Simpson, Paul Bales, Kris Berglund, John Blair, Caroline Block, Howard Burns, Jane Cairn, John Chung, Marcus Dobrowolski, Anna Edmondson, Todd Eisenecher, Yasmin ‘Mina’ Elnaccash, John Gale, Owen Garmire, Ivanka Gavanski, Jorge Gonzalez, Cathy Harrington, Josh Havelka, Stephanie Havelka, Carol Hayden, Peter Hayden, Marc Horwitz, Kate Howell, Al Jaurique, Betty Jean Jaurique, Susan Knight, Lynn Kubasek, Kellie Latimer, Ozlen Luznar, Tanya MacLean, Janet Manning, Becky Margulies, Jane Mason, Frank Mattingly, Meggan Mindiola, John McQueen, Tiffanny McQueen, Laura Moriarty, Karyn Noel, Jamie Patrick, Rachelle Petrucci, Michelle Poole, Kelley Prebil, Kirsten Read, Robin Rose, Theo Schmeeckle, Anne Schonauer, Tia Shimada, Steve Sponagle, Paul Springer, Michelle Squyer, Saffron Stellea, Tamie Stewart, Gay Lynn Tangdit, Jax Tatro, Amy Tingley, Wendy Toohey, Audry Viers, Skip Wise, Martha Wood, Scott Zornig, and Cherie Edborg.

** Lynne Cox‘s book Swimming in the Sink: An Episode of the Heart is nominated for the 2016 World Open Water Offering of the Year [see nominees below].

Lynne’s voice has continuously echoed across the waterways since the former English and Catalina Channel record-holder authored her first book, Swimming to Antarctica, in 2004,” wrote Steven Munatones in her nomination. “In addition to completing more than 60 pioneering swims around the world over her prolific career and engaging in Speedo diplomacy with her unprecedented Bering Strait swim in 1987, Lynne cemented her legacy with a series of books, delving into a number of profound topics.

Swimming in the Sink: An Episode of the Heart is arguably her most touching and surprising book, intertwining her strength of character and renown athleticism with human frailties that come from illness and grief. Her prose about various subjects is something that everyone can relate to, especially open water swimmers. Her latest book shows a different side of her strengths and weaknesses from her previous books, as she wrote so eloquently and so profoundly from her most generous heart

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