Madswimmers Continue Upwards And Onwards

Courtesy of Nicolene Steynberg about the Madswimmers hiking up Mt Ojos del Salado in Argentina.

A group of 7 South African Madswimmers, 2 medics, 4 support climbers, a tour guide and a cameraman continue on their way hiking up Mt Ojos del Salado to attempt the highest swim in the world in the Andes mountains in Argentina.

Yesterday, the Mt Ojos-Madswimmer team reached Laguna Verde at 4,300m in the Andes Mountains, setting up camp 1,000m higher than the previous day.

They had their first view of Mt Ojos del Salado. “It is stunning scenery,” reported Nicolene Steynberg. “The team kite surfed and swam in 8ºC (46ºF) water yesterday with winds of 50 km/h. They still on their way to Mt Ojos, highest volcano in the world, to do highest swim in the world at 6,400 m above sea level with Speedo’s only.

The team has chain saws to cut open a swimming lane in the ice because the lake is frozen. The medical team is standing by to assist in case of emergencies due to the combination of hypothermia and altitude sickness can lead to acute health problems

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