Madswimmers Go From On High To 24 Hours

Madswimmers Go From On High To 24 Hours

Courtesy of Nicolene Steynberg.

The last time we reported about the Madswimmers, they were hiking up to 5,909m (19,386 feet) and swimming on Mt Tres Cruces, a volcano in the Andes Mountains along the Argentina-Chile border in South America.

Jean Craven and his swim buddies from the Madswimmers are now at sea level.

The Madswimmers are doing a 24-hour swim together with renowned South African swimmers Ryan Stramrood, Tyron Venter and Mark de Klerk. A number of participants are anticipating this charity swim on January 22nd at the JCE Pool:

Jade: “I will be 50 in February and believe I can be an example to many as age does not limit a swimmer.”

Tyron: “I have represented my country in swimming for many years before I stopped competitive swimming. The 24h-swim challenges me to push towards the top of the sport again, this time through faith and hope and to give back.”

Zia: “Not really sure why. The closer we get, the more I’m thinking it was a terrible idea! Thoroughly unprepared, but excited for the challenge.”

Karmen: “To challenge my boundaries. I learnt how to swim only 3 years ago. The water is quiet and no one can see if you cry in your goggles.”

Mark: “I will be using the 24h swim for training purposes for bigger things to come in the future.”

This event is geared towards raising funds for the Lonely Road Foundation, an organisation that improves the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

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