Magical, Instantaneous Camaraderie - Insta-Bros

Magical, Instantaneous Camaraderie – Insta-Bros

Insta-Bro is an individual who immediately becomes a friend due to a common bond such as a passion for adventure or a love of open water swimming.

Say you are in a restaurant and you overhear someone talking about the Strait of Messina in Italy, the Rottnest Channel in Australia, or their escort pilot in the English Channel. An open water swimmer’s ears instantly picked up on the conversation.

Say you are in a subway or train and you overhear a conversation about training and cold-water acclimatization. An open water swimmer immediately wants to join in the dialog.

Say you are sitting in a crowded economy class seat on an airplane and your seat does not recline. You are totally bummed, but you notice that the person next to you has a goggle tan. You start talking about swimming and inevitably there are common bonds, common friends, and common experiences about a whole range of topics.

You just made an Insta-Bro, an aquatic friend for life.

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