Majestic In Manner

Majestic In Manner

Greg Eggert penned an eloquent farewell to the fallen Fran Crippen in the latest issue of the FINA Magazine.

Fran graced the front cover looking like the affable, humble gentleman that he was as he surfaced from a victory in an open water race in Trinidad.

There were tear- and smile-inducing stories from Olympians Kalyn Keller, Kim Vandenberg, Chloe Sutton, Kristy Kowal, Caroline Burckle, Larsen Jensen and teammates David Tarwater, Keri Henh, Dave Denniston, Charlie Houchin, Chad LaTourette.

Fellow open water swimmers Emily Hanson, Micha Burden Shaw, Alex Meyer, Emily Brunemann, Andrew Gemmell, Erica Rose, Haley Anderson and Kirsten Groome also wrote moving tidbits from their experiences with Fran.

As his sister Maddy Crippen perfectly summed up, “…when you look up the term Olympian, it reads, ‘Majestic in manner, superior to mundane affairs, surpassing all others in scope and effect.’ No other man or woman fits that definition as perfectly as Fran.”

To donation to the Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation, contact Maddy Crippen.

To obtain this colorful magazine that includes a wonderful eulogy by Coach Mark Bernardino, visit FINA Magazine.

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