The Majesty Of Cour d'Alene

The Majesty Of Cour d’Alene

Some open water swims are just big. The Midmar Mile comes to mind as do the Great Swims in Great Britain. Some open water swims are challenging. The Cadiz Freedom Swim and the Speedo Ice Swim Africa come to mind. Some open water swims are beautiful. The Fiji Swims and Maui Channel Swim come to mind. Some open water swims are competitive. The RCP Tiburon Mile and Cole Classic come to mind.

And some swims are simply majestic.

The CAST Classic Open Water in Cour d’Alene, Idaho definitely fits this definition.

Swimmers seem to get swallowed up in the grandeur and nature that Cour d’Alene offers. Located in the same latitude as London in the American Northwest, its water temperatures are similar, but its contours and topography are striking.

Race Director Ken Schuh said of this year’s race, “We enjoyed beautiful weather and very good lake conditions. There was quite a bit of elbow-to-elbow swimming and some excellent tight finishes in the different races.”

The winners in each of the races and categories included:

USA Swimming 2.5K: Sidney Orr, 39:53.6
US Masters 2.5K: Suzanne Dills, 42:41.0
USA Swimming 5K: Kjirsten Magnuson, 1:12:01
US Masters 5K: Natalie Edge, 1:10:57
USA Swimming 10K: Lindsey LeValley, 2:27:29
US Masters 10K: Susanne Simpson, 2:27:04.2 (over Haleih Werner in 2:27:04.8)

USA Swimming 2.5K: Kyle Jones, 38:19.8
US Masters 2.5K: David Anderson, 38:49.6
USA Swimming 5K: Mason Shaw, 1:05:21
US Masters 5K: Kalen Darling, 1:04:21.04
USA Swimming 10K: Dirk Seymour, 2:39.41
US Masters 10K: John Van Velthuyzen, 2:23.42

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