Making The Connection

Making The Connection

Courtesy of Chris Blakeslee, Suzie Dods and Tom Linthicum in San Francisco, California.

We had an instructive marathon swimming discussion at the Sports Basement,” described Chris Blakeslee. “We had it filmed thanks to Tom Linthicum and hope to have that available for all to view. Some of our discussions may be helpful.

One thing is for sure marathon swimmers are individuals and find their own ways to succeed, but there is a commonality within those differences that make for successful swims. Not that trying or the journey should be diminished either.

The night before I watched Kim Chambers talk at South End Rowing Club and learned a lot about why one would continue swimming channels (Oceans Seven) in Kim’s case. There is a connection that happens that is most profound. Kim – like most marathon swimmers – has the ability to go to that place and overcome the bodily pain that would halt many people from the completion.

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Steven Munatones