Making A Measurable Impact In The Water, On Land

Making A Measurable Impact In The Water, On Land

Courtesy of Michelle Evans-Chase, Ph.D., Ocean City, New Jersey.

A growing number of swimmers participate in solo and real marathon swims and open water charity events to make a positive impact on initiatives, topics, events and movements of their choice.

Michelle Evans-Chase summarized 5 steps on how these swimmers and anyone with a passion can make a more measurable impact of their activities and swims:

1. Make it measurable
2. Know who you’re targeting
3. Develop a Theory of Change
4. Bake evaluation into your process
5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Read her recommendations here.

Michelle Evans-Chase shown above with her father Lt. Colonel Stewart Evans, the first man to swim to the California mainland from the Farallon Islands in August 1967.

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