Making Your Own Pool

Making Your Own Pool

Courtesy of Сергей Волков, Donetsk, Ukraine.

Cold water swimmer Sergei Volkov from Ukraine explains how he makes his own pool, “This method is suitable for any water bodies and ice thickness. Before I start making a cut, I recommend choosing the right place where the cut will be done. This should not be far from the shoreline at a shallow depth so you can plant your feet on the bottom. A meter from the shore check the thickness of the ice to avoid falling under the ice.

I personally wear a fleece sweatshirt, hat, trunks and slippers [only]. For one person, it is enough to cut the size of 2 meters by 2 meters. I have made a cut for a lot of people including experienced walruses. You don’t have to make such a big cut for beginners in the hardening.”

It took Volkov about three hours to make the pool below, but he took his time.

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