Mallory Mead Joins The Triple Crown Club

Mallory Mead Joins The Triple Crown Club

Mallory Mead joined the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming Club this morning with her fast 8 hour and 36 minute crossing of the Catalina Channel.

Combined with her 7:44 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2004 and her 10:34 English Channel swim in 2008, Mallory has thrown down some pretty fast Triple Crown times.

Two of the Oceans Seven down,” said Mallory. “Five to go. Next up is the Molokai Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar in 2011.”

The Ocean’s Seven – 7 individual crossings of the Irish Channel, Cook Strait, Molokai Channel, English Channel, Catalina Channel, Tsugaru Channel, and Strait of Gibraltar – has never been done before by a single individual.

Whoever completes the Ocean’s Seven first will certainly have their name etched in the annals of open water history.

With her relatively young age, proven channel successes to date and steely determination, Mallory may indeed be the first.

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