Man Alive!  And You Thought Sharks Were Scary

Man Alive! And You Thought Sharks Were Scary

Among the many dangers in the oceans and seas, open water swimmers must be aware of various dangers.

There are jellyfish. There are orcas. They are sea snakes. There are sharks. There are all kinds of poisonous and carnivorous fish and eels of all sorts. But one mighty strong fish is perhaps a bit more frightening to the male gender than their female colleagues.

The pacu fish has human-like teeth that they use to crush and eat nuts, fruits, and seeds found in its environs.

A relative of the piranha, pacu can grow larger. As much as 25 kg (55 pounds). And when the invasive species is introduced to non-indigenous waters, the locals can get worried and nervous when the pacu fish‘s natural food supply dwindles.

Keep your swimwear on if you’re bathing in the Sound these days,” the Natural History Museum of Denmark warned to male swimmers in the Oresund Sound.

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Steven Munatones