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Ryan Stramrood

Category : Man of the Year
Despite the ongoing pandemic, Ryan Stramrood achieved his Century Swim of the Robben Island in South Africa, completing 114 crossings at a 100% success rate on 7.4 km stretch of water between Robben Island and Cape Town.

Ronnie Wong

Category : Man of the Year
Ronnie Wong lobbied with allies from the global open water swimming community to convince the International Olympic Committee to keep with the 10 km marathon swim in the Summer Olympic Games.

Pedro Rego Monteiro

Category : Man of the Year
Pedro Rego Monteiro found a way to continue the largest and most popular ocean swimming series in Brazil, the Rei e Rainha do Mar under strict COVID-19 safety protocols.
Paul Georgescu traveled to Antarctica and set a Zero Ice Mile world record in 0.0°C water and 2.0°C air in 22 minutes 44 seconds and completed a 104 km Iron Gates of the Danube Swim.

Nejib Belhedi

Category : Man of the Year
Nejib Belhedi promotes Ouma, an Arabic word meaning "swim in the sea," as he completes an unprecedented 47 hour 50 minute record-setting 155 km circumnavigation swim around Djerba Island in Tunisia

Julian Critchlow

Category : Man of the Year
Julian Critchlow shares his genius insight on English Channel data that provides both obvious and non-obvious perspectives on channel swimming.
Brothers Joe and John Zemaitis took to the seas, rivers and lakes, organizing 644 km worth of tandem swims during 2020 when both their work schedules allowed for travel and adventures.

Jaime Lomelin

Category : Man of the Year
For 44 years, Jaime Lomelin has loomed large over the Mexican open water swimming community. He has won all major Mexican open water races between 1986 and 2020; some of them many times over.

Henri Kaarma

Category : Man of the Year
Henri Kaarma organizes the Estonian Winter Swimming Championships while remaining one of the most impressive ice swimmers in history.

Gregorio Paltrinieri

Category : Man of the Year
2016 Rio Olympic gold medalist Gregorio Paltrinieri is setting himself up to achieve the exceedingly difficult Mellouli Double: winning Olympic medals in both pool swimming and marathon swims at one Summer Olympic Games

Evan Morrison

Category : Man of the Year
Evan Morrison has demanded transparency and carefully peer-reviewed documentation in marathon swimming. With his focus on accuracy, he defines the distances of the waterways swum in the marathon swimming world.

André Wiersig

Category : Man of the Year
André Wiersig is an ambassador for the German Ocean Foundation, co-created Nachts Allein Im Ozean, Mein Weg durch die Ocean's Seven, a beautiful hardcover book with incredible photography.

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