Man, What A Tough Swim Across Monterey Bay

Man, What A Tough Swim Across Monterey Bay

Courtesy of Monterey Bay Swimming Association, Monterey Bay, California.

Amy Appelhans Gubser joined a very select group of women who have been the only people in history to successfully cross Monterey Bay near San Francisco, California.

Her 17 hour 49 minute crossing across the 25-mile big water is not for the unprepared.

Monterey Bay [see live cam view here] is part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a federally protected marine area offshore of California’s central coast. This well-researched open body of water is home to a rich variety of fishes, plants, marine mammals and birds that enjoy its chilly waters.

Among the 12 attempts by 7 swimmers, only women have been successful given the cold water, stiff winds, strong currents, and omnipresent jellies. The 49-year-old added her name to the list of successful women: Cindy Cleveland (15 hours 21 minutes in 1980), Patti Bauernfeind (13 hours 0 minutes in 2014), and Kimberly Rutherford (22 hours 6 minutes in 2014).

Appelhans Gubser is shown with Rutherford and Bauernfeind on left.

For more information on the Monterey Bay Swimming Association, visit here.

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