Mann Up: Haley Anderson v. Ashley Twichell v. Keri-Anne Payne

Mann Up: Haley Anderson v. Ashley Twichell v. Keri-Anne Payne

It is going to be a toss-up in San Francisco Bay when several superstars clash in today’s RCP Tiburon Mile.

Among the pre-race favorites, there are 2 Olympic silver medalists competing (Haley Anderson and Keri-Ann Payne), a 3-time Olympic gold medalist (Brooke Bennett), a world champion in team pursuit (Ashley Twichell), and one very, very fast darkhorse in 15-year-old Becca Mann.

It is going to come down to a close finish. The always-competitive, gotta-love-the-cold Australian swimmer Luane Rowe says, “I am really excited about competing in the RCP Tiburon Mile, especially as it has now become a local event for me here in the Bay Area. I have competed in the race since 2007. It is certainly one of the most competitive open water races in the world. This year the breadth of talent is extremely deep in both the men’s and the women’s side. It certainly will make for an exciting race.”

American Lexie Kelly compares the RCP Tiburon Mile to the pro marathon swims on the FINA circuit, “In this race, it is all-out from the beginning – not like the FINA Grand Prix where the pace is relaxed for the first few hours. Run in, sprint across, and run out. There is no time to rest; just get up and go.”

Among the elite women, these women expect to be in the leading packs, but youth may be served well in today’s competition:

* Haley Anderson (USA)
* Brooke Bennett (USA)
* Lauren Boyle (USA)
* Lexie Kelly (USA)
* Becca Mann (USA)
* Keri-Ann Payne (Great Britain)
* Luane Rowe (Australia)
* Ashley Twichell (USA)

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