Mann Up...Maui Nui Is A Go

Mann Up…Maui Nui Is A Go

Maui Nui Triangle Swim course between the Hawaiian islands of Maui, Lanai and Molokai

Mann Up…Maui Nui Is A Go

Courtesy of WOWSA, MauiMolokaiLanai, Hawaii.

On August 18th starting on the island of Lanai, Becca Mann will attempt the renowned 64 km Maui Nui Triangle Swim.

Steve Haumschild wrote, “This will be an epic adventure for all involved. We will meet at Lahaina and motor up to the start in Maui.

We want to get the most exposed legs out of the way first which leaves Lanai-Maui as the final stretch which is a body of water that Becca knows very well already.

We moved the start farther north in order to have more down wind component – and still meet the channel criteria.

Becca will swim from Maui to Molokai to Lanai and back to Maui.

Leg 1 will start in Kapalua on Maui to go to Pukoo Harbor on Molokai (19 km Pailolo Channel). This is a warm-up leg with a favorable wind direction right now forecasted for Sunday. Leg 2 will start at Pukoo Harbor on Molokai to to to Club Lanai on Lanai (26.5 km Kalohi Channel). This is the crux leg – the weather is currently epic here for forecast on Sunday. Leg 3 will go from Club Lanai on Lanai and finish at Black Rock on Maui, which [should be the] easiest [leg] (16.5 km Auau Channel)

Mann will be escorted by Captain Michael Twigg-Smith with the assistance of Haumschild, kayaker Shelley Oates-Wilding, relief Captain Mike Scott, feeder/mother Beth Mann, kayaker Kainoa Lopes, and crew member Ecar Roush with the planning and organization conducted by the Kaiwi Channel Association.

To follow Mann, follow Steve Haumschild’s Delorme Tracker here or for more information, visit @kaiwichannelassociation.

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