Marathon Mania On August 9th With Keri-Anne Payne

Marathon Mania On August 9th With Keri-Anne Payne

From the officials and athletes in the Olympic Village and the officials of the Olympic Family, the local (LOCOG) volunteers have caught the Olympic spirit and are as enthusiastic and helpful as can be.

But from pool side, there have been some grumblings that were addressed. We think grumblings will be more like rumblings in the Olympic marathon swim.

And as we see the massive crowds that gather to cheer on British most accomplished athletes – individuals with real shots at standing up on the Olympic podium – it is easy to imagine the most enthusiastic shoulder-to-shoulder, flag-waving crowd gathering in Hyde Park on August 9th for Britain’s favored open water swimmer Keri-Anne Payne.

It is going to be crazy!”

I cannot imagine the ambiance. Fans better get there early.”

You have not seen anything yet.”

If there was ever a time for open water swimming to shine, it is now. With the world watching, the world will be extremely impressed with the athleticism, electricity and excitement of the 25 female finalists in the Olympic marathon swimming 10km.

As the athletes parade out to the floating pontoon for the start, roars of approval will ring Hyde Park. When British sweetheart Payne is announced, the cheers will come to climax. The hearts of the 25 athletes will be beating like never before in a race for none of the athletes have ever experienced such a situation where tens of thousands of spectators are focused and cheering for them.

We cannot imagine the athletes standing on the pontoon remaining calm as usual, as if this is a regular race. The buzz will be too great and the atmosphere will be electrifying. Once the gun is heard, the women are going to shoot out fast and furious.

And the decibel levels will continue to increase – especially when Payne takes the lead and continues to stroke closer and closer to an Olympic gold, the crowds will go wild – and then get louder. It will be 2 hours of marathon mania.

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Steven Munatones