Marathon Swimmers Federation Endorses Chloë McCardel's Record Swim

Marathon Swimmers Federation Endorses Chloë McCardel’s Record Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Andrew Malinak, Donal Buckley, Elaine Howley, and Evan Morrison and the Marathon Swimmers Federation (MSF) they represent announced MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming in January 2014.

In their initial press release on the rules of marathon swimming, they stated, “The realization that no one was better positioned to move our sport forward than we are, ultimately produced [these rules].”

With its new rules in place, the MSF quartet and 11 other swimmers formed a panel to review and ratify marathon swims around the world during calendar year 2014. The panelists including David Barra, Anne Cleveland, Sylvain Estadieu, Elaine Howley, Andrew Hunt, Anthony McCarley, Zoe Sadler, Fergal Somerville, Sarah Thomas, Nora Toledano, Grace van der Byl, Milko van Gool, and Scott Zornig. The conclave officially ratified 5 swims in lakes, seas and oceans and endorsed 3 other swims of notable difficulty.

The 5 ratified swims included Anthony McCarley‘s triple crossing between St Thomas and St John in the Caribbean Sea, Elaine Howley‘s 32-mile swim across Lake Pend Oreille in the United States, Patti Bauernfeind and Kimberly Rutherford respective crossings of Monterey Bay, and Chloë McCardel‘s swim from Eleuthera Island to Nassau in the Bahamas.

The panel also endorsed the documentation of Craig Lenning’s and Joe Locke’s Farallon Island swims and endorsed McCardel as the world record holder for Longest Unassisted Ocean Swim.

Evan Morrison explains the MSF’s first endorsement of a world record in the marathon swimming world, “For the moment, MSF is only endorsing Chloë McCardel’s claim of a world record for longest unassisted ocean swim. Other [world] records are an interesting topic for future discussion.”

He also described the process for being ratified. “To be considered as a MSF Documented Swim, the swimmer and/or observer should submit documentation to MSF. With the swims that have just been ratified, there are now seven excellent examples to model future swim documentation on [see here]. We will not be formally ratifying any swims that pre-dated the founding of MSF. However, we are open to publishing data from well-documented swims of the past, for the benefit of the marathon swimming community.”

One documentation example, the Morrison Report by Evan Morrison, was nominated for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

The detailed Observer’s Rport was complete with videos, photos and GPS tracking documentation and was described as a paradigm shift in the open water swimming community. Its WOWSA Award nomination read as follows, “The open water swimming community is rapidly shifting from paper and pen to laptops and the cloud. The embodiment of this shift is the comprehensively compiled digital Observer Report created by Evan Morrison for the Marathon Swimmers Federation. Version 1.0 documented Craig Lenning’s epic swim from the Farallon Islands to the California mainland and was evident of this tectonic informational shift in the sport. Morrison’s Report included myriad pertinent data while utilizing handheld devices, the cloud, mapping services, and online information that dramatically changes the landscape of reporting open water swims.”

Photo shows Chloë McCardel soon after the completion of her 124.4 km (77.3 mile) swim from Eleuthera Island to Nassau in the Bahamas and before her 6-day recovery in a local hospital due to the large number of jellyfish stings she endured during her 42 hour 30 minute marathon.

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