Marathon Swimmers Wanted For The Human Race

Marathon Swimmers Wanted For The Human Race

Matthew Dawson is looking for fellow marathon swimmers interested in compete in a new 10K at the Human Race at Dorney Lake (Windsor/Eton) in Great Britain in September. The marathon will be held in the Eton Dorney Rowing Lake.

If interested, the organizers will add the event to the existing schedule. Email Matthew or respond to his poll here.

About 25 swimmers are needed to make it worthwhile,” explained Matthew. “In September, the water temperature will most likely be in the late teens (63-67°F). It was 18°C (64.4°F) this year. If the water temperature gets too low, wetsuits must be worn. The Eton Dorney rowing lake is a flat, fresh water course. So it is a great course for setting personal bests.”

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