Marathon Swimming On The Equator In Indonesia

Marathon Swimming On The Equator In Indonesia

David Yudovin accomplished another first in his lengthy marathon swimming career. The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee (1999) completed a very difficult channel swim in the Batu Islands group of northwest Sumatra in Indonesia. The 11.5 nautical mile swim was from Tanahmasa to Pini.

It was very difficult due to head winds and current – to be expected in Indonesia. No one has ever been stupid enough to attempt this before,” recalled David of the 7 hour 52 minute swim that was held on the equator which passes through the archipelago of Indonesia. “Resort Latitude Zero sponsored and supported me for this.”

Indonesia has 18,306 islands, but only 8,844 have been named according to estimates made by the Government of Indonesia, and only 922 islands are permanently inhabited.

If someone is interested in doing unprecedented warm-water swims and setting world records for being the first, Indonesia sounds like a great part of the world. Follow in the wake of David.

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Steven Munatones