Marathon Swims Take A Long Time

Marathon Swims Take A Long Time

The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation (CCSF) updated its archives after a rigorous review of evidence that proved channel crossings over 50 years ago.

In its February 2012 newsletter, Forrest Nelson and his colleagues on the CCSF board of directors announced their recent research met the exacting criteria of Catalina Channel crossings that the CCSF requires of every swim.

The CCSF is pleased to announce four ‘new’ swims to the list of our legitimate crossings,” writes the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, bringing the total number of Catalina Channel swimmers to 227.

Leo Vigil of Cuba, July 22nd 1957 in 17 hours 14 minutes
Stewart Evans, August 26th, 1959 in 20 hours 55 minutes
Greta Andersen, October 16th 1959 in 11 hours 7 minutes
Isaac Papke, June 30th 1963 in 12 hours 45 minutes

Leo, Stewart, Greta and Isaac had all proven their abilities to swim marathon distances in both warm and cold waters and with marine life … and their exploits in the Catalina Channel are well-deservedly recognized by the official governing body.

Interestingly enough, each had swum with sharks in their marathon swimming careers: Stewart and Isaac in their Farallon Islands swims, Greta in her Molokai Channel attempt, and Leo with his teammates in a 1950 attempt across the Florida Straits.

Courageous, daring, dashing exploits by heroes and heroines of marathon swimming’s past.

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