Marathoning Matrimony - A Deeply Emotional Embrace

Marathoning Matrimony – A Deeply Emotional Embrace

A hug between husband and wife is one common expression of love and devotion.

But when Pilar Geijo and her husband/coach Diego Tricárico hug at the end of a marathon swim, there is so much emotion, relief, pride and love involved in their embrace.

Especially when Pilar puts forward an outstanding effort like she did in dominating the 88 km Maratón Hernandarias-Paraná last week in Argentina in winning the women’s division in 9 hours 27 minutes.

He knows me. He loves me. He knows what I want and I need,” explains Geijo.

[During her marathon swims], I always want to give her the truth. She needs to know exactly what is happening during the race and on the water,” Tricárico smiled in response. He rarely sits down during her races and is always vigilant on her escort boat. He watches her rivals and the dynamic conditions out on the water as he frequently gives hand signals and writes succinct messages on a white board: true love and devotion.

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Steven Munatones