Maratón Internacional Hernandarias – Paraná Results

Maratón Internacional Hernandarias – Paraná Results

ARGENTINA. The Maratón Internacional Hernandarias – Paraná FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix was held this afternoon in the Paraná River. Although athletes prepared for the 88K, one of the world’s longest open water races, weather forced the event to be cut short to only a 5K event.

On the men’s side, Trent Grimsey from Australia took the crown. Despite the fact that he was ready for an ultra-marathon race, it didn’t stop him from demonstrating his talent for what these ultra-marathon swimmers call “sprint” events too.

It would have been awesome to say I swam the world’s longest marathon but I can understand why they had to cancel the race, safety first,” said Grimsey.

Pilar Geijo took the sprint title in her home country in a close victory over Spaniard Esther Nunez. “I won the international race of 5K, in replacement of the Hernandarias-Paraná, suspended following the storm yesterday. It will not not score for the Grand Prix circuit, but it serves to start a great beginning of season!”

After hard rains and harsh winds caused the annual 88K race to be cancelled, newcomer Mallory Cook Mead of the USA swam to a third-place podium finish in her first international competition.

The results and times are below:

1. Trent Grimsey 40:10:66 (shown above)
2. Luciano Sales Rubio 40:19:68
3. Andrea Volpini 40:20:13
4. Rodolfo Valenti 40:32:31
5. Damian Blaum 40:38:92
6. Evegenij Pop Acev 40:43:61
7. Gabriel Villagoiz 40:47:81
8. Edoardo Stochino 41:14:02
9. Daan Glorie 42:39:16
10. Mauricio Gatica 52:38:25
11. Fernando Ciaramella 58:14:84

1. Pilar Geijo 41:17:08 (shown above)
2. Esther Nuñez 41:17:88
3. Mallory Mead 48:10:71
4. Vanesa Garcia 49:35:86
5. Ivana Sitic 53:12:26
6. Ronnica Çhrístie 54:22:52

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