Maratona Aquática Released By Diogo Zoppi

Maratona Aquática Released By Diogo Zoppi

Maratona Aquática Released By Diogo Zoppi

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34-year-old swimmer, coach and triathlete Diogo Zoppi wrote Maratona Aquática. Das Piscinas As Aguas Abertas O Guia Definitivo Do Treinamento Para Nadadores E Triatletas. With 267 pages and 15 chapters, the book in Portuguese helps educate coaches, swimmers and triathletes about training in pools and the open water.

Zoppi, who completed a 36 km Travessia do Leme ao Pontal in Brazil in 2018 in 10 hours 49 minutes, said the book started in 2014 when he wanted to create a manual to disseminate quality knowledge about the sport. While his project remained in the back of his mind, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown was the catalyst to begin his writing and he just finished the guidebook.

He writes about how to start in the sport and make the transition from training in swimming pools to the open water. He takes readers through beginning to reaching high-level training and competitions. The book begins with a historical introduction to open water swimming and explains the importance of joining a training program, in addition to teaching how to design an annual program, with monthly and daily training cycles. He cover dryland training, nutrition and psychology.

His roots in the sport are deep: he is the son of Tomaz Zoppi, a Paralympic swimmer and holder of Brazilian national and international titles. He has also won the Brazilian triathlon championships and finished seventh in the Ironman Brasil.

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