March - May In Majorca For Marathoners

March – May In Majorca For Marathoners

March In Majorca For Marathoners

Courtesy of Phil Ô Libre Entrainement, Majorca, Mediterranean Sea.

Phil Ô Libre Entrainement (or P.Ô.LE) is an open water swimming instructional program headquartered on the island of Majorca, a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea.

P.Ô.LE is offering various open water swimming courses for 2020:

March 15th – 20th – 6 slots available
March 22nd – 27th – 8 slots available
April 26th – May 1st – 8 slots available
May 3rd – 8th – 6 slots available for English Channel camp

For more information, visit here. To ask questions, email

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