Marcia Cleveland Honored By The International Marathon Swimming Hall Of Fame

Marcia Cleveland Honored By The International Marathon Swimming Hall Of Fame

Marcia Cleveland Honored By The International Marathon Swimming Hall Of Fame

Courtesy of Ned Denison, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

After decades of racing, training, coaching, mentoring, writing, lecturing and administering on the subject of marathon swimming, American author, coach, speaker, and veteran swimmer Marcia Cleveland was elected as an Honor Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

In addition to writing her widely circulated and highly popular Dover Solo about swimming across the English Channel, Cleveland also completed the fastest cumulative time for the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming in 24 hours 38 minutes 3 seconds (that includes a 9 hour 44 minute crossing of the English Channel, an 8 hour 56 minute 10 second crossing of the Catalina Channel, and a 5 hour 57 minute 53 circumnavigation of Manhattan Island).

Her career is lengthy and expansive – she has raced all over the world and completed solo marathon swims and channel swims from Japan to England,” said Steven Munatones. “But, more importantly for the rest of us, she has volunteered for years to help others in the sport, giving thousands of hours of her time to mentor, guide, coach, and motivate others of all ages and abilities. She shares her passion and know-how of open water swimming to anyone who shows even a glimmer of interest.”

Marcia is the third American with the surname of Cleveland to be honored by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. At the 2011 Catalina Channel Swimming Federation ceremonies, Marcia shared memories and experiences with the rest of the Cleveland clan: Anne Cleveland (Class of 2010) and Cindy Cleveland (Class of 2018).

Ned Denison, chairperson of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame describes the latest Cleveland to be added among the luminaries in the sport, “A marathon career of 27 years and continuing – record holder as the fastest Triple Crown Swimmer (combined time – as of end 2019), Marcia has been one of the most prolific contributors to the advancement of distance swimming – in the USA and globally.

Around Manhattan Island 45.9 km:
1996: 5 hrs 57 minutes, USA female record
1995: 8 hrs 3 minutes, second female
1991: 7 hrs 29 minutes, first female

2019: Tsugaru Channel 19.5 km in 10 hours 11 minutes
2018: Tampa Bay Marathon Swim 38.6 km in 11 hours 19 minutes
2018: North Channel 35 km in 15 hours 3 minutes
2017: Lake Tahoe 34.4 km 11 hours 25 minutes
2017: Swim Across the Long Island Sound 27.4 km, first overall finisher in 9 hours 26 minutes
2011: Santa Barbara Channel – Anacapa 19.3 km 6 hours 0 minutes

2008: Chicago Skyline Swim 41.8 km set the speed record of 12 hours 49 minutes as the first woman to complete this swim
2005: Catalina Channel 32.3 km 8 hours 56 minutes, the fastest time that year
2002: Boston Light 16 km in 2 hours 47 minutes, first overall finisher

1999: Around the Sound – Bermuda 10 km, set the female speed record of 2 hours 32 minutes
1997: Around Key West Florida 19.3 km 4 hours 43 minutes
1994: English Channel 33.5 km 9 hours 44 minutes

Author of Dover Solo in 1999 – one of the few available training accounts/stories before the Internet. Continues to be the Bible for English Channel aspirants.

United States Masters Swimming Open Water and Long Distance Committees: Vice Chairperson from 2001 to 2005 and Chairperson from 2005 to 2009).

Contributed more than 15 articles/videos to United States Masters Swimming and Swimmer Magazine.

TedxTalk 2015: Achieving Success One Stroke at a Time, shown above.

Cleveland and her fellow inductees in the Class of 2020 will be honored in New York City on May 2nd 2020.

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