Marcin Szarpak Goes 3 for 3 at the IISA 4th World Championship

Marcin Szarpak Goes 3 for 3 at the IISA 4th World Championship

After setting two world and championship records in the Ice Kilometer and 500m freestyle events on Days 1 and 2, 21-year-old Marcin Szarpak of Poland won his third event of the IISA World Championship with a new world and championship record of 2:45:77. He dominated the competition in Głogów, Poland over the world’s best at the International Ice Swimming Association World Championship and proven himself a force to behold over the near and distant future.

But the 250m freestyle was his closest race; teammate Jakub Muszyński was only 4 tenths of a second behind in very tight race, 2:45:77 to 2:46:19. Kubkowski had also pushed him the Ice Kilometer so their rivalry remains fierce.

IISA 4th World Championship – Men’s 250m Freestyle – Top 10 Finishers:

  1. Marcin Szarpak (21) 2:45:77
  2. Jakub Muszyński (21) 2:46:19
  3. Mieszko Palmi-Kukiełko (29) 2:53:36
  4. Christoph Karow (38) 2:54:50
  5. Rostislav Vítek (46) 2:55:06
  6. Marek Rother (54) 3:03:60
  7. Sebastian Urbaniak (21) 3:05:40
  8. Christof Wandratsch (56) 3:05:45
  9. Jens Dittrich (42) 3:06:49
  10. Daniel Trzęsiec (22) 3:07:43

53 men competed in the 250m freestyle in the 3.00°C water. For full results, visit here.

Livestreaming of this week’s IISA 4th World Championship between February 4th – 6th is here. All the details of the Championships are posted here. The official Championship website is posted here.

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