Marcin Szarpak Wins 2nd International Ice Swimming 4th World Championship Title

Marcin Szarpak Wins 2nd International Ice Swimming 4th World Championship Title

Over in Głogów, Poland at the International Ice Swimming Association 4th World Championship, many of the world’s best and most hardened ice swimmers are swimming FAST. Really, really fast.

In the men’s Ice Kilometer, 21-year-old Marcin Szarpak of Poland won his second event of the IISA World Championship with a new world and championship record of 11:48:10, breaking the previous record of 11:55:40 set by Sven Elfferich in 2019.

His Polish teammate Bartłomiej Kubkowski pushed him the entire 1000 meters in the 3.00°C water, finishing relatively close behind in 11:59:89, the fourth fastest time in history.

For reference purposes, the previous King of the Ice Petar Stoychev won the IISA 2nd World Championship Ice Kilometer in 12:15:87 in Burghausen, Germany and the IISA 3rd World Championship Ice Kilometer in 12:10:81 in Murmansk, Russia.

IISA 4th World Championship – Men’s 1000m Freestyle – Top 10 Finishers:

  1. Marcin Szarpak (21) 11:48:10
  2. Bartłomiej Kubkowski (26) 11:59:89
  3. Rostislav Vítek (46) 12:37:81
  4. James Leitch (47) 12:45:33
  5. Marek Rother (54) 13:11:82
  6. Phillip Duma (40) 13:32:53
  7. Jiri Polansky (44) 13:32:72
  8. Christof Wandratsch (56) 13:36:89
  9. Vit Polansky (43) 13:45:72
  10. Daniel Trzęsiec (22) 13:58:88

55 men competed in the 1000m freestyle. For full results, visit here.

Livestreaming of this week’s IISA 4th World Championship between February 4th – 6th is here. All the details of the Championships are posted here. The official Championship website is posted here.

The livecast of the final Competition Day 3 include 14 heats of 250m freestyle + 9 heats of 100m individual medley + 10 heats of 50m butterfly + 20 heats of 50m freestyle + 2 heats of 4x250m freestyle + Closing Ceremony.

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