Marcos Diaz, Changing Direction From Asia To Africa

Marcos Diaz, Changing Direction From Asia To Africa

Staying flexible is the name of the open water game. Marcos Diaz will change direction and venue for the second leg of his four-swim Swim Across the Continents project.

Marcos is currently headed towards Jordan for a revised Asia-to-Africa swim. His initial swim was from Yemen to Djibouti, but security problems were difficult to overcome. As a safe alternative, Marcos decided to switch and swim from Jordan to Egypt across the Red Sea.

The swim will take place in the second week of June where I will swim along the coast of Jordan, close to the Saudi Arabian border and swim west to the shores of Egypt,” said Marcos from Cairo.

Here are some images of his first leg of his Swim Across the Continents global project from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia.

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Steven Munatones