Marcos Diaz Completes His Swim Across The Continents

Marcos Diaz Completes His Swim Across The Continents

Marcos Díaz successfully completed his last leg of his Swim Across The Continents across the Bering Strait first made famous by the incomparable Lynne Cox.

Since May 2010, Dominican Republic’s Marcos has engaged an innovative and ambitious project called the ‘Swim Across The Continents‘.

On behalf of the United Nations for the Millennium Development Goals, he culminated his project in the 3°C (37.4°F) waters between Little Diomede in the United States and Big Diomede Island in Russia, uniting the two continents and two countries, as Lynne did in 1987 (see below).

Soon after his swim, Marcos reported, “We just made the fourth crossing. It was a long expedition to get to Little Diomede. We had to wait for three days for the weather. Then we made it to the island and quickly got ready and took a boat to Big Diomede, from there made the swim and back to Wales [Alaska} in the boat. We were lucky to have the window to do that all in one day by boat.”

The swim was very cold…3°C in most places with very strong currents, especially very strong from south to north. I had to fight it for more than half way so I wouldn’t miss Little Diomede [on the American side]. We just made it close to the north corner in 1 hour and 5 minutes. I was very tired to fight with those strong currents in my wetsuit.”

In the islands, everybody was very happy and most of the adults remembered Lynne’s swim back in 1987. It was such a great experience.”

In order to promote the goals of his Swim Across The Continents, Marcos will swim from the Statue of Liberty to Gantry Plaza State Park on September 15th.

Marcos will complete his symbolic swim in front of the United Nations Headquarters where he will deliver a document to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon that contains the signatures and wishes of the hundreds of thousands of people that have joined his project in a very special and unique way to celebrate the achievement of the United Nationas Millennium Development Goals.

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