Marcy MacDonald Welcomes Others To The Channel Community

Marcy MacDonald Welcomes Others To The Channel Community

Bookcased between her two separate successful swims by Marcy MacDonald (her #11 and #12 of her career), the English Channel and the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation welcomed a number of swimmers to its esteemed community.

Kevin Murphy announced the certified solo swimmers of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Association during the 2011 season:

August 19-20th – Elizabeth Fry, USA, 13:20 + 11:20 or 24:41, Pilot: Mike Oram
August 20-21st – Stuart Johnson, AUS, 13:28m + 12:22 or 25:50, Pilot: Eddy Spelling

June 26th – Marcella MacDonald, USA, 10:34, Pilot: Mike Oram
July 10th – Graham Lowe, UK (Jersey), 13:35, Pilot: Lance Oram
July 11th – Abhejali Bernadova, CZECH, 14:37, Pilot: Chris Osmond
July 20th – Craig Chapman, AUS, 11:43, Pilot: Lance Oram
July 20th – Andrew Keegan, AUS, 11:38, Pilot: Paul Foreman
July 20th – Andrew Vidler, AUS, 14:40, Pilot: Chris Osmond
July 23rd – Scott Stanley, UK, 13:45, Pilot: Lance Oram
July 25th – Nick Adams, UK, 10:22 (1st leg of 2-way attempt), Pilot: Neil Streeter
July 26th – Mark Preston, UK, 10:49, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
July 26th – Boris Mavra, UK, 11:59, Pilot: Mike Oram
July 26th – Marcel van der Togt, NL, 14:00, Pilot: Lance Oram
July 26th – Grace Devlin, UK, 16:27, Pilot: Paul Foreman
July 26th – Hannah Noble, UK, 18:24, Pilot: Neil Streeter
July 27th Milko van Gool, NL, 10:29, Pilot: Paul Foreman
July 27th David Granger, UK (Wales), 15:03, Pilot: Lance Oram
July 28th – Gerard Meenan, IRL, 12:57, Pilot: Chris Osmond
July 28th – Stuart Branch, UK, 13:57, Pilot: Neil Streeter
August 3rd – Christopher Willis, UK, 13:33, Pilot: Chris Osmond
August 5th – Mackenzie Bradley, USA, 13:05, Pilot: Lance Oram
August 5th – Emma Reim, USA, 14:29, Pilot: Mike Oram
August 12th – Mariel Hawley Davila, MEX, 14:33, Pilot: Mike Oram
August 12th – Simon Holliday, UK, 15:02, Pilot: Paul Foreman
August 15th – Susanna Murphy, IRL, 11:38, Pilot: Mike Oram
August 15th – Lorcan Rowley, IRL, 13:05, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
August 15th – Michael Ventre, UK, 15:18, Pilot: Lance Oram
August 19th – Miyuki Fujita, JPN (1st leg of 2-way attempt), 18:14, Pilot: Neil Streeter
August 20th – Roger Finch, RSA, 12:39, Pilot: Chris Osmond
August 21st – Douglas McConnell, USA, 14:18, Pilot: Lance Oram
August 30th – James Boucher, UK (N. Ireland), 16:51, Pilot: Lance Oram
August 30th – Roger Allsopp, UK(Guernsey), 17:51, Pilot: Neil Streeter
September 3rd – Jack Coombs, UK, 13:46, Pilot: Paul Foreman
September 3rd – Stefan Ivanov, BUL, 14:02, Pilot: Mike Oram
September 15th – Sorcha Barry, IRL, 12:02, Pilot: Neil Streeter
September 15-16th – Gerard Carty, IRL, 18:52, Pilot: Lance Oram
September 15th – Wayne Butler, IRL, 23:22, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
September 22nd – James Neitz, USA, 15:02, Pilot: Lance Oram
September 23rd – Fergal Somerville, IRL, 12:40, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
September 23rd – Amy Baker, UK, 18:35, Pilot: Lance Oram
September 24th – Peter Windridge-France, UK, Pilot: Lance Oram
September 25th – Bryan Tate, ZIMBABWE, 19:28, Pilot: Eddy Spelling
October 2nd – Marcella MacDonald, USA, 11:51, Pilot: Lance Oram

Note: these swimmers do not include the solo swims performed under the auspices of the Channel Swimming Association, a separate organization that also governs swims across the English Channel.

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