Mariel Hawley Dávila Swims Strait

Mariel Hawley Dávila Swims Strait

Courtesy of Mariel Hawley Dávila, Cook Strait, New Zealand.

Mariel Hawley Dávila will attempt her final channel of the Oceans Seven.

She explains, “The Cook Strait crossing has several meanings for me. It means a lot in terms of what life is for me… each [Oceans Seven] crossing has made me so aware of the term ‘life’ that now that I think it moves me on a part to think about what I have swam and in parallel what I have lived and the sea always there.

Swimming has made me more aware of the beauty of this planet. I feel more part of it when I swim in the sea.

I am less me and much more everything…more salt, more water, more oxygen and much more life. This is a privilege. Swimming so many hours in the ocean have made me reflect on the magic of life.

Being able to live all this makes me feel very special and not for the achievements, but by the hours in the water, for being part of the majestry of life. The sea brings out the best of me and although sometimes also the difficulty.

I hope that this crossing of the Cook Strait generates pure blessings and so I am ready to be part again of the beauty and life of the ocean with a grateful heart

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